Happy home buyer in Valley Village

Hello, Terri.

I am writing to provide feedback on the experience I had working with Fred Konigsbach in the purchase of my house.

My home search started in 2008, and I didn’t get really serious until late 2010. Fred is the 4th agent I have worked with, and hands down the best.

The first agent I worked with started out very professionally, but seemed to go out of town quite often and her response to my emails was mediocre at best–not right away, and sometimes not at all. This was an agent I personally knew through a networking group in which I was a member. I was so disappointed I stopped contacting her altogether and my enthusiasm for buying fizzled away for a little while.

The second agent I had was a very close friend of my girlfriend, and although she seemed knowledgeable, she failed to properly communicate important concepts to me, and didn’t respect my wishes to back out of a deal when I felt the financial burden would have been too much. In addition, she seemed to always be in a hurry, and I felt it was more than a coincidence that she wanted me to offer exactly the maximum for which I was prequalified, on a house where the asking price was far below it. She claimed that she had inside knowledge that there were multiple offers. At any rate, a couple of months after I backed out on this cosmetic fixer, I saw
that it sold for $45,000 less than my offer. And far below asking price. It was obvious to me that she did not have my best interests in mind.

The third agent I had worked with was knowledgeable in the Newhall area, and felt I was too far away to receive attentive service. I didn’t work with her long enough to form an educated opinion about her service.

So Fred showed up. His attention to detail was nothing short of incredible. There wasn’t one single question I asked him that wasn’t answered right away. And if he didn’t have an answer, he would tell me when he would get one. And he did. And he researched topics that were of a concern to me. Like sound walls, and zoning websites. He was proactive, and suggested properties that he felt I may like. He even drove me all the way to Pasadena, out of his area, to see a house I expressed interest in. He would give his honest opinion of a property if I asked. There were a couple of instances where he actually drove to a property to look at it for me if I couldn’t make it myself. He was always present if I went to an open house. He also explained the process, and kept me moving forward when deadlines were approaching during the escrow process. He respected my concern if I felt a house had an asking price that was over my head. He kept me informed if any properties we saw together had sold and for how much. He was persistent in contacting selling agents who were slow to respond to inquiries. He spent time with me designing a coverage area in which to search for a home. He made himself available at 7 am to view a home so I wasn’t late to work. This was the house I ended up purchasing.

Fred also did things out of the box, like putting me in direct touch with a couple of sellers, so I can have my questions and concerns addressed efficiently. He also talked about value, and where I could find the greatest. He was, without a doubt, the absolute best agent I have worked with and was attentive, timely, and thorough in all that he did. I honestly don’t see how my experience could have been better, or how Fred could have done more. I was surprised by how involved he was in the process, and how effective he was in helping me find the right property. He did not pressure me to buy.

I am sincere when I say that he really puts the other agents I have worked with to shame. None of the others can even compete with the caliber of Fred’s professionalism. Not even close.

I would recommend Fred in a heartbeat to anyone that needs an agent.

Gordon Limtiaco.

— Gordon Limtiaco.